How To Reset A Tankless Water Heater – Easy Steps For Non-Experts

How To Reset A Tankless Water Heater            

Before explaining how to reset a tankless water heater, we are going to explain some common problems limiting the effectiveness and working capacity of your heater.

A tankless water heater is a great investment for your home because of its high efficiency and it also saves your money by providing water on demand. But sometimes a tankless water heater loses its working ability due to some issues and you need to resolve them as soon as possible.

Problems With Tankless Water Heater

Here are some common and uncommon problems mentioned that will help out to keep your tankless water heater work correctly.

System Overload

Multiple showers running simultaneously will compromise the capacity of the water heater due to the overloaded system. Your tankless water heater may try to provide the required volume of hot water at once or fail to work and shut down completely.

If this keeps ongoing, you may need to reduce the simultaneous usage of water. Under some conditions, if this overloading happens often you may need to replace that low capacity water heater with a high capacity tankless water heater.

Ignition Failure

Sometimes ignition failure occurs due to the gas valve if not being fully opened. In this case, your tankless water heater will fail to ignite and won’t be able to function normally. Check this out and open that gas valve fully.

If this still happens, it may be due to ignition pack failure and you will need to contact a technician to troubleshoot the problem.

Flame Failure

Due to some electrical or gas pressure issue, flame failure can occur. It can also be due to small gas lines, combustion issues, regulator failure, and venting. Speaking of which, check out the latest gas heaters of this year.

Exhaust Blockage

Most tankless water heaters have an error code to inform the exhaust blockage. It can be because of venting and combustion air issues. To set it, check out vent pipes that are connected properly and if there is any puncture hole?

Cold Water Sandwich

When multiple showers are taken simultaneously, it refers to a cold water sandwich. In this case, after so many showers when you turn on the shower for yourself and feel warm water at first for just a few seconds then suddenly water temperature falls to cold, and again hot water rises.

This can be due to trapped cold water in the pipe and you can avoid it by not jumping into the shower at once rather you need to wait till cold water passes out of the pipe bringing hot water out of it.

Reset a Tankless Water Heater In Easy Steps

It is very annoying and unsatisfactory when you want to freshen yourself by getting into a shower and you wait for a couple of minutes for hot water but instead, cold water comes out. So, there is a need to reset your tankless water heater.

Luckily it’s not that tricky and here we are going to help you with some of the easiest steps to reset tankless water heater.

Check Electrical Panel

Before starting anything check out the electrical panel and reach up to the circuit labeled as the water heater.

Look at the breaker if it is in an off position, turn it on. If it again flips off then you need to call an electrician.

If the breaker is in on position, turn it off.

Push Reset Button

On your water heater you will find a reset button, so just go and search for it. There are many different models of tankless water heaters on the market, but mostly there is a red button on the upper thermostat.

You need to reset it if the button is lit up because the switch has tripped. By pressing the red button you can easily reset that button. If the switch is not lit up then there could be another issue such as a fault in the control board.

In case the switch keeps tripping you need to take help from a professional for safety measures.

Reassemble & Turn On

As your tankless water is set, now reassemble it and get your hot shower. Put the cover plate in its place and screw it with the help of a screwdriver. Now turn on the breaker and water heater and wait for hot water.

Why Reset Button Keeps On Tripping

There are possibly many reasons that the reset button keeps on tripping. Here we’ve discussed some of them.

Bad Thermostat

In an electric tankless water heater, there are two thermostats. Both have separate heating elements. Make sure there is only one heating element at a time. If your water heater has a bad thermostat and it will remain turned on and fails to turn off which surely causes continuous tripping.

Burned Heating Elements

The heating element helps to heat water in the heater but it can be short due to some cracks in the metal case and then the wires will be exposed to water.

In this case, power will flow continuously and the temperature will keep on rising till it reaches its extreme. So, tripping will help to prevent water from getting overheat.

Malfunctioned Reset Button

There is a possible reason for tripping that the reset button is not functioning well and it will trip again and again. You need to get the help of a plumber so the reset button can work properly.

Poor Breaker & Wiring

If the wire somehow loosens, it will produce excessive heat that the reset the button senses and then gets tripped. It will prevent any electrical hazards.

Similarly, a worn-out breaker will also start tripping the reset button.

Keep It Safe

The reset button has been placed in your tankless water heater for a lot of safety measures. But fortunately, its resetting is very easy and it’s important to know the short procedure before you plan to reset a tankless water heater.

Tripping helps to turn things off when electrical issues occur because possibly there are many issues.

You can resolve all these minor issues on your own but if you face any kind of trouble, just try to reach out to a professional so there won’t be any difficulty for you.

We have also found a safety guide for tankless water headers lets check it out

Note: Without replacing the cover plate, never turn on the breaker because it will lead to heavy electric shock

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