How To Install A Gas Tankless Water Heater – Easy Steps


How To Install A Gas Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is ideal to provide water on demand by saving money, and energy. There’s no need to store a large volume of water because whenever you need hot water it will provide you at once. Sometimes the older water heater shows signs of inability to work in a proper way and it becomes important to upgrade it as soon as possible.

Installing a new gas tankless water heater can be costly or you can also do it on your own only if you’re familiar with the important steps. If there is some mistake in installation then there is the possibility of extreme damage, if gas venting is not done properly there can be a chance of carbon dioxide leakage and massive explosion.

If you are confident in your ability to install a gas tankless water heater on your own then just go through these steps or you can also take help from a licensed professional.

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#1. Thoroughly Read The Product Manual

Before starting the whole process of installation, read the product manual thoroughly because some manufacturers will not validate the warranty legally if their systems are not set up by licensed contractors. You also should have a full city permit for installing a gas tankless water heater.

#2. Ensure There Is Right Water Pressure

It is very important to be sure of perfect water pressure. If the water pressure is more than 80psi then you will need to use a pressure-reducing valve. If you want to install it, do it when installing hot & cold water connections.

#3. Locate The Perfect Position For Your Gas Tankless Water Heater

  • First, check the local building code for confirmation of where to install the water heater at home.
  • Find a spot that will help to let the unit vent outside through a pipe not through a chimney while keeping in focus the local code for vent location.
  • For more clearance, read the manufacturer’s installation guide carefully.
  • Keep away from areas where freezing temperature can affect the unit, liquid can splash on the unit or there is the presence of lots of humidity or moisture.

#4. Calculate Install Space

Before purchasing a gas tankless water heater unit, carefully measure the space where you want to install it.

#5. Upgrade Gas-Line

A gas tankless water heater consumes more gas as compared to a tank water heater, so it is necessary to determine that your previous gas line will meet your needs or not. If the previous gas line doesn’t suffice, you will need to replace it with a new and better gas pipeline.

#6. Disconnect Old Water Heater

  • First of all turn off the supply of water to the unit
  • Then turn off any power or gas supply feeding to the heater
  • Drain unit
  • Use a hose that can withstand hot water heat, drain it completely.
  • Remove water & gas lines from the heater
  • Properly dispose of your previous water heater

#7. Mount The Unit

For securely supporting the unit use a mounting box with the help of strong anchors and mount the unit almost four inches out of the foundation wall.

#8. Install Gas Pipe-line

  • It is better to get help from a licensed professional if you’re unaware of gas connections.
  • If the present gas line is of proper size, connect it to the previous tee with the help of a threaded iron pipe. In case you are removing pipe for the older unit, do not forget to shut down the main gas line.
  • Now the gas line is running to its proper place, install a tee, gas shut-off valve, and sediment trap.
  • Install a new gas line from the tee to identify its proper place of attachment.
  • Bind the connections with help of a wrench. Use thread sealant for making gas pipeline connections.
  • When all gas line connections have been installed, check the gas pressure with the help of a test gauge.

#9. Attach New Water Lines

  • Use an instruction guide to connect water heater valves to the water supply line.
  • It is highly recommended to use copper pipe for connection cold and hot water lines to previous lines.
  • Now run these lines to the new unit.
  • Across the bell hangers on the wall, secure the pipe.
  • In the end, attach a pressure relief valve.
  • Turn on the supply of water and make sure there isn’t any leakage. Similarly, check this leakage for gas. Now turn off the gas supply again until the completion of the whole process.

#10. Place The Exhaust Vent

  • Use the manual guide and get a vent kit to do venting in the right way
  • Apply Silicon sealant for the venting shaft of a new unit. Silicon sealant is heat resistant.
  • Attach a connector and for its security use a hose clamp.
  • Bind a part of stainless steel vent pipe on its top.
  • Fold retaining ring over tabs.
  • Drill a hole for venting outside but first identify the spot.
  • To circle the outside of the wall using a vent thimble. With the help of a saw cut out the vent hole.
  • Remove sliding on the vent to allow the flange thimble to flush outside the wall.
  • Apply Silicon caulk on the edge of the flange, and insert it into the vent hole. Secure them with the help of screws.
  • Install interior flange from inside. Attach a small part of the vent pipe from outside.
  • In the end, put the shingles and sliding back to their previous place.

#11. Get Rid of Air From Pipes

To get rid of the air, open the faucet so air can purge out of water pipes. After removing air turn off the faucet.

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#12. Plug-In Heater

Now simply plug in the gas tankless water heater.

#13. Insulate Pipes

It is important to insulate hot water pipes that are coming from the water heater.

#14. Turn on Gas

The installation process is complete now. Turn on the gas supply, and enjoy the perfect functioning of your newly installed tankless water heater.

By following the above-mentioned steps you would know how to install a gas tankless water heater without consulting an expert. You might want to consult an expert if you have an ounce of doubt. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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