How We Help

Water is life and finding the correct water-related device is a tough job for a non-technical person.

Our team of professional energy and environment engineers and journalists helps you educate on all water-related devices and equipment so that you know what issue you are dealing with and how to tackle it.

Our team spends hundreds of hours into research, data compiling, and writing to provide to the point and accurate information because we understand water is a very sensitive topic.

Our goal is to create the most informative guides possible for water heaters and other devices so that you don’t have to roam around the internet and read pseudo content.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate people and help them find the right water-related device for their homes. We work hard to choose the right product for clean water free from any impurities.


How Do We Conduct Research

Being a team of professional engineers and journalists, our research sets us apart from other websites.

We usually test products ourselves in the industry where we work or we as the manufacturers to test their products. We also read thesis and publications related to such electronic or gas-based eco products. Our team roam around the internet and conduct surveys as well to gather as much data as possible.

We compile all that data in the sheets and only include valuable ones whiles neglecting the filler data. After that, we work really hard to write reviews and helping guides based on realistic data and results gather from our research to provide as accurate and honest reviews as possible.

We also believe that the work is never complete. There are also new inventions, brands, and products becoming available on the market. We always try to dig deep.

How we’re funded is funded by organic traffic and affiliate links. If you read one of our products, then purchase that product, Amazon will give us a small portion of the commission because we sent you to them.

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